Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tenement Addon Set

Tenement Addon Pack

This was a quick custom job that was requested by someone wanted extra pieces for the Tenement sets I had created.   Here come the borring photos.

Here is the sofa chair (and the rest of the items in the set) uvmapped but I had not layed out the maps yet to be on an atlas and be limited to one material.

Here is the sofa chair all laid out and on one material being painted up in substance painter.

Here is the typerwriter rigged up and weighted about to be exported to iclone. 

Here is the typerwriter from the set and I did this one bass ackwards and decided to paint it with the pile of materials and not merged yet cause i was too lazy to worry about it and so I merged it afterwards in my usual bass ackwards inefficient way.  

Content Info

In the last year or so.. some shenannigans have been occuring by one or more iclone users which has lead reallussion and its customers to doubt the usability and origins of the content on the marketplace.  As a result some of the content that I place up will have a page here with screenshots of the original files used to create the items.   It will usually include a photo of the base model in blender non-triangulated before export and probably a screenshot of it in the program I use to texture it which will be either 3dcoat or Substance Painter since i kinda flip flop between the two.   In some cases there may be a sketchfab file but those will be limited because the interface does appear to be hackable.  (no surprise there if you build it they will come)

So without further delay or words.

Mr Dad - Screenshots

Tenement Addon Pack

Sloppy Sally (name subject to change not done yet)

more to come...

Mr Dad - Progress Screenshots

Mr Dad - this is the ending of me model process really I had not actually joined things at this point and the mirror is still on.  I was making a Bowtie before continuing.

Mr. Dad - This is after he is all joined together and I made a skeleton to work inside Iclone and am busy weighting it.

Mr. Dad and another closeup showing it just in quads still and not exported to iclone yet.

Mr. Dad last photo.   Me making some small animations for use inside iclone

Sketchfab model with skeleton ripped out and pose applied before export from Blender

Here is Mr. Dad being made all pretty inside substance painter