Sunday, January 29, 2017

OMG its yet another blog.

Where did the other site go and whats with the domain name changes all over the map like that..

Okay well time to get round to writing words that no one is ever gonna read but just in case you do here they are.  

Some may have noticed I have slowly been changing my name from PJ TV to Cheesy Bytes, but being the slow poke I am I have only gotten half way through it.  The reason is that even though PJTV has existed for a long long time some other dudes came along afterwards and created another PJTV on youtube and well its confusing.

I also think it probably describes things a bit better since I just don't do one thing.  I make characters and objects and animated props and I also make videos some of which are tutorials and others are my lame attempt at cartoons.

Anyhow so here we are.

    The name of the channel and this blog will eventually over time cause I am a slow poke morph completely into Pixel Bytes.  The little storefront I opened is already under that name but that's as far as I have gotten in the changing.

I also had another domain name for awhile this is because I somehow got myself into this negative billing thing with godaddy who wanted all kinds of wierd identification they never asked me for before to remove a privacy thing and stop billing me for it. They said that they would still be charging me until I gave them a copy of my drivers license for proof or some nonsense. Well I thought that was wierd and kinda scammy.... so I just got a new credit card number and left them holding the domain and moved to another registrar.

Then whomever was holding (probably to try to sell it to me for crazy money) let it go,,,, and so since godaddy still appears to be holding hostage,,,, I picked up the .com version.   So basically now its all fixed (2 years or so later).     Since none of this was for profit I was not interested in paying people through the nose for any of it.

Now I will reassemble it all in a way.. it wont be the same it will be you know different


I also left the hosting company I was using because they also suddenly wanted to start charging me crazy big bucks for a site that well was just a hobby to me.   For now this blog will be the new site until I get a hankering to play with servers and hosting accounts again I guess.

Well that's that.
 Back to my videos and stuff..

 Maybe I will fix this blog up a bit better another day..